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Multi-Faceted Advertising and Marketing Efforts Target both Faith-Based and Secular Audiences, Spotlights the Center’s Powerful Content and Interactive Presentation

PHILADELPHIA, June 9 – The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC), a state-of-the-art museum that portrays the profound impact faith has had on American history and current events, has launched a fully integrated advertising and marketing campaign, a blend of in-market physical signage (e.g., billboards, metro lights, bike share stations), paid social media, search engine marketing, radio and public relations.

The goal of the campaign is to increase the awareness and understanding, in both faith-based and secular communities, of the Center’s appeal and mission as it approaches its one-year anniversary after opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, the FLDC appointed former Pennsylvania State Senator and current CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia Rob Wonderling as the Center’s new executive director.

“Independence Mall is open for business and this campaign is all about showing the greater Philadelphia community who the FLDC is and how we can contribute to both the local and national narrative on faith and liberty,” said Daniel Corti, FLDC’s director of operations. “We want everyone to know that a trip to the Center is not just educational, but a top-flight interactive experience that rivals any museum in the country.”

The title of the campaign, “American History Illuminated,” is a play on the interactive “lamps” that visitors carry and use to explore the museum, capturing fascinating content that can be explored further online. The lamps, which are a signature of the Center’s advanced interactivity and presentation, are featured heavily as part of the campaign visuals. The FLDC will also hold a breakfast reception with the Philadelphia media and business community on July 7.

“American History Illuminated” was created by SweetScience, a full-service advertising and marketing firm located in King of Prussia, the FLDC retained SweetScience earlier this year as its AOR for a comprehensive blend of advertising, marketing and public relations strategies. The firm was founded in 2014 by seasoned advertising veteran Tom Conti and in 2019 was in the top 10 percent of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list. FLDC marks SweetScience’s first Philadelphia-based client.

“Since we launched SweetScience, our client base has always leaned toward national brands, but that’s what makes this relationship and campaign with FLDC so special,” Conti said. “Not only are we supporting a mission we firmly believe in, but it’s an opportunity to become a more active player in the Philadelphia business community.”

About Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC) is a technologically immersive, state-of-the-art museum that inspires visitors to explore the relationship between faith and liberty in the American story, from the country’s founding through today. Situated on Independence Mall near the Liberty Bell at the NE corner of 5th and Market Streets, the FLDC is a subsidiary of American Bible Society. Opened in 2021, the Center’s immersive journey illuminates the profound impact faith has had on American history. With an interactive lamp in hand, visitors can explore the museum and capture fascinating content that can be explored further online anytime, anyplace. The museum is an inspirational destination that tells the story of how our nation was born and how American leaders have turned to the Bible to guide them repeatedly throughout history.




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