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Navigating Marketing Waters with Precision

The ‘Science’ part of SweetScience is about data. What if your marketing dollars were supported in data-specific testing? In the age of AI and failed automation, more CEOs are mistrustful of marketing. We hear time and again, ‘we tried that before and it didn’t work.’ We’re here to convince you that there is a better approach. 

Imagine you are fishing in the open ocean, MarketScope is the tool that guides you to the optimal fishing spots so that you can anchor your boat where the most fish are. The primary focus of MarketScope is to identify and prioritize geographies to yield the greatest opportunities for success. It’s a market prioritization tool that allows us to maximize the effectiveness of media budgets regardless of budget size. 


Using MarketScope allows us to precisely identify where target audiences live, work, and play, helping to eliminate the waste of marketing dollars like a more traditional spray and pray approach. 


As technology advances and marketing platforms adjust and change with the times, being able to accurately predict and target where a specific audience lives is always going to be important to any company marketing a product or service. As privacy concerns are at the forefront of the average consumer's approach to using technology and companies continue to restrict the ability to reach them, MarketScope is only going to be more important in our marketing approach.


The beauty of MarketScope is that we can input any number of datasets that we identify as being important in our target audience profile. We can target them at the DMA, state, county, city, or zip code level. After all these datasets are plugged into, weighted indexing across these datasets by market helps us to identify those markets that match our wants/needs for the purpose of testing creative/messaging; essentially acting as a blueprint for our testing. 


Statistical models that have 2 or more dependent or outcome variables, or Multivariate testing, gives us the ability to demonstrate success for our clients and allows us to launch various creatives into the marketplace, allowing consumers to tell us what most resonates with them based on engagement. MarketScope gives us the ability to test this messaging in areas we know will have high engagement based on our target audience profile, which ensures that we will have an adequate level of response for the test to be statically significant. It allows us to optimize campaign efficiency before going into the market with the full campaign. 


Working with Becton Dickinson on PureWick, their female urinary incontinence product, our goal was to achieve product sales between $5MM and $8MM in the first year. With the use of MarketScope, we were able to identify specific cities in the US that over-indexed for female urinary incontinence issues and were able to achieve $12mm in sales; 50% above the projected revenue goal. 


Once we identify where our target audience is, we can geofence targeted areas and capture their “digital zips”, enabling us to then distribute branded promotional content directly to their mobile and desktop devices via text, display, and/or social media for up to 30 days. 

MarketScope stands as a reliable navigator to yield the greatest opportunities for our clients to achieve success in their campaigns. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights with MarketScope, we have the ability to exceed conventional boundaries and navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing technologies and evolving consumer behaviors. It's not just a tool; it's a strategic imperative for any company looking to thrive in an increasingly data-centric world.


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