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ItalyUnTold: Revealing Italy's Overlooked Innovative Prowess

Leaders in the Italian-American business community beam with pride over Italy's rich history of art, cuisine and culture. But the modern narrative reveals an even more technologically and scientifically advanced Italy than typically recognized. 

Beyond rolling Tuscan hills lies an emerging global hub for pioneering robotics, pharmaceutical research, renewable energy systems, advanced manufacturing techniques and more.

ItalyUntold, as a nonprofit advocacy group aims to overhaul existing perceptions by spotlighting true Italian excellence and economic impact across these relatively untold sectors. 

Did you know that Italy is: 

  • The 2nd largest manufacturing power in the EU after Germany

  • The 6th largest global exporter of industrial robots 

  • The world's top producer of super yachts 

  • Home to over 1,000 scientists ranked in the top 2% globally 

Italy is innovative, dynamic, and improving lives worldwide. 

Italy's leadership produced superyacht engineering feats while powering elite sporting cars and spacecraft. Daily pharmaceutical advances and robotic automation emerge from Italian minds and factories ultimately bettering lives globally.

By proudly illuminating the full spectrum of modern Italian innovation stories, ItalyUntold intends to foster even greater economic collaboration between Italian and American private and public entities. They further engage young professionals of Italian descent to embrace this forward-focused direction.

The ItalyUntold initiative is a  meaningful program for us and we are supporting it by rewriting outdated narratives that have overlooked key Italian accomplishments behind the scenes. The initiative presents a more complete picture of Italian excellence leading sectors enabling human progress worldwide. 

We are offering brands and companies to align themselves with the ItalyUntold program. Our goal is to foster the creation of new opportunities between Italian and American companies in key business sectors as well as new programs that help attract (and keep) younger Italian-American professionals engaged and connected to their Italian heritage.  

If you would like to learn how to participate in this campaign, email us @


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