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Forget about the “New Normal.” Now is the time for advertisers to seize the opportunity and define the “Next Normal” in business. For any business that truly puts its clients’ needs first, it is not an option, but rather an obligation to create opportunities for growth regardless of a volatile and unpredictable market.

With traditional retail feeling the squeeze of nearly a year’s worth of reduced foot traffic to brick and mortar locations, wholesalers have found themselves with historic levels of overstock and limited distribution channels. Making a shift from B2B to B2C is becoming a necessary consideration for many wholesalers. But they need guidance. Their adjacency to direct to consumer, and often only one degree of separation, does not make for as easy of a transition as it may seem. And that’s where SweetScience is stepping in to act as a development Sherpa for clients and new business offering services beyond traditional advertising.

Working closely with the executive team at Dayleen Intimates, SweetScience Marketing is helping to forge a new channel for the distribution of their “Dominique” line of undergarments. Though a recognized and reputable brand, with a strictly B2B business model, there hadn’t been the opportunity for a direct line of communication and messaging from Dayleen to their loyal Dominique fans. Starting from the ground up, SweetScience along with our partners at Frogfish Solutions, have developed a go-to-market plan which includes everything from the development and launch of a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website (built using proprietary technology) to an aggressive and industry-disrupting brand strategy and digital execution.

To explore growth opportunities for your own business and to learn more about the development and strategy used in bringing Dominique Intimate Apparel’s direct-to-consumer initiative to life, please contact Joe Harris, Director of Agency Relationships, at SweetScience 484.748.1295


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