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SweetScience increased visitation to FLDC 67% in 2023, a year when every other major museum in Philadelphia experienced decreases of 44%-75%.


The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center opened in historic old-city Philadelphia in 2021 with a mission of re-establishing how faith inspired the founding of America and has helped shape American history through today.

By January 2022, visitation was not meeting expectations or financial projections for two reasons:


  1. Misperceptions that the museum’s primary purpose was to convert people to Christianity.

  2. FLDC is competing against the must-see free attractions of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. 


SweetScience repositioned FLDC as a historical attraction that tells the largely untold story of America’s faith-based beginnings while bringing to light the museum's immersive, high-tech, and award-winning experience.

Through our data-driven approach featuring our proprietary MarketScope™ audience profiling and targeting technology we identified and targeted the campaign to a persona defined as “historically curious people of goodwill.” This enabled us to broaden the addressable market beyond the faith-based community with a new history-focused theme – See American History in a Whole New Light – critical to achieving higher ticket sales.

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