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Our campaign generated over 18,000 registrations in the first year, 50% above the registration goal of 12,000.


The DC Lottery joined a limited number of various state lotteries when they introduced iLottery, its online counterpart which allows users to play the Powerball, Mega Millions, numbers games, and exclusive e-Instant games from any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. 


The goal of the campaign was multi-faceted: 

  • Create awareness of the DC Lottery’s new online gambling platform.

  • Activate consumers in the District of Columbia to register for and fund accounts.

  • Choose DCiLottery over other forms of gambling entertainment, i.e. sports betting apps and online casinos.


SweetScience developed a campaign that not only highlighted the benefits of being able to play the lottery online, but did so in a way that resonated with the communities within the District of Columbia. 


Diving into the distinct culture of DC was the key as the culture ultimately influenced the approach. Through our analysis, we discovered music to be integral to the identity and rich history of DC and its residents. 


Combining this insight with the iLottery’s unique offerings, the “Play to Your Own Rhythm” campaign was born. Using a musical staff and icons as visual accents interweaving through everyday scenarios, we were able to show how DCiLottery was a compliment to a user's daily life, as it was easy to use, convenient, and available online 24/7/365. 

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